Samsung Voicemail (SVMi)

Changing the Day and Night Greeting on Samsung Voicemails (SVMi)

  • Press the VOICEMAIL button.
    You should hear “Enter Passcode”
  • Press “*” (asterisk)
  • You should hear the main greeting “Thanks for calling.
  • Press “#0000″ to access the system administrator mailbox.
  • You should hear “Enter the passcode”.
  • The default passcode is 0000 (NOTE: it is possible to change this passcode so if 0000 does not work contact the company that installed your phone system).
  • You should hear “Welcome to the system administrator main menu, for system prompts press 1″.
  • Press “1″.
  • You should here “Enter the prompt number”.
  • Dial 1001 for the DAY prompt.
  • Dial 1002 for the NIGHT prompt.
  • Press 1 to listen to the existing prom

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Voicemail user guide: DOWNLOAD

OfficeServe IP-UMS

Unified Voice Processing and Messaging System

Imagine the efficiency and productivity of customizing how voicemails, email messages, and fax messages are created, sent, received, tracked, synchronized, and archived – all from one central location. The Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS, integrated with the OfficeServ 7200 or OfficeServ 7400 systems, merges it all through a robust unified messaging system designed for the small-to-midsized business that must operate and compete on the big business stage.

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Integrated Voice Processing Platform for the OfficeServ 500 system.

The SVMi-16E provides 16 ports and up to 1000 mailboxes. Specifically designed to integrate into the OfficeServ 500 system, the SVMi-16E provides multi-language support for up to 9 languages, fax-on-demand, e-mail gateway, network mailboxes, and LAN and modem connections.

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Voicemail with Automated attendant for OfficeServ 100, DCS Compact and DCS 50si.

The SVMi-4E provides 4 ports standard and up to 100 mailboxes. Using the latest in Compact Flash memory technology, the SVMi-4E provides up to 15 hours of message storage, supports Network Mailboxes and provides multi-language support.

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Integrated Voice Processing Platform for the OfficeServ 7200 and 7400 systems.

Specifically designed to integrate into SAMSUMG’s OfficeServ 7200 and OfficeServ 7400, the SVMi-20E offers the features and functionality of Voicemail and Auto Attendant while focusing on immediate, personalized and unobstructed access to callers.

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SVMi-8E Integrated Voice Processing Platform for the OfficeServ 500, OfficeServ 100 and iDCS 50si systems.

The SVMi-8E adds capabilities of up to 8 ports and 1,000 mailboxes to your phone system. It provides multi-language support for 12 available languages. E-Mail Gateway, Fax-on-Demand, Network Mailboxes and LAN connection are just a few more of the set of features of the SVMi-8E.

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